Phrasal verbs

phrasal verb is a verb that when combined with a preposition or adverb has a different meaning than it does when used alone. They are only confusing because they are so similar to one another. Sometimes they are a little challenging when they have idiomatic meanings.

Look is a perfectly normal verb when used alone.

Examples of Look as a phrasal verb:

Look up – To search for the meaning in a dictionary
Look after – To take care of
Look in on – To pay a visit to
Look forward to – To anticipate with pleasure
Look into – To investigate
Look over – To review
Look for – To search
Look up to – To respect
Look through – To examine

On the English requirement test, you need to pay special attention to phrasal verbs like these:

CHECK OUT – the procedure for paying and leaving a hotel
It is time to check out of the hotel.

CARRY ON – to continue doing something. The phrasal verb “carry on” is followed by a gerund, a verb in the -ing form.
If you carry on making all that noise, the police will come to the house.

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