Reported speech


Present Simple

Stefania said, “I want to graduate.”

Present Continuous

Antonio said, “I am making a phone call.”

Present Perfect

Giordana said, “I have written a new song.”

Past Simple

Grandma said, “I went to church.”

Future with “Will”

Sandra said, “I will drive this time.”

Modal “Can”

Marta said, “I can run a marathon.”

Modal “May”

He said, “It may be too late.”

Modal “Have to”

The professor said, “I have to leave early.”

Orders, requests, advice, suggestions
They said, “Be honest!”
She said, “Don’t sit there!”


Past Simple

Stefania said that she wanted to graduate.

Past Continuous

Antonio said that he was making a phone call.

Past Perfect

Giordana said that she had written a song.

Past Perfect

Grandma said that she had gone to church.

Conditional with “Would”

Sandra said that she would drive this time.

Modal “Could”

Marta said that she could run a marathon.

Modal “Might”

He said that it might be too late.

Modal “Had to”

The professor said that he had to leave early.

They told him to be honest.
She told him not to sit there.